Here is a video that you can watch that goes through how to install and set-up Thunderbird to access your e-mail address.


If you prefer instructions see below:

1- go to 
2- Click on the “Download Now” button.
3- Navigate to where the download is stored on your computer.
4- Double Click the installation file to install (or, for a PC right-click and select “Run as administrator”
5- Use the default settings for the installation.
6- When Thunderbird opens after the installation is complete, click on “Local Folders” and then click on “Email” in the right hand window.
7- In the dialog box that opens up enter your name, then enter your e-mail address, for example
8- Then enter your password – you can click on the “eye” icon in the password box to display the password to make sure you have typed it correctly.
9- Keep the box next to “Remember password” checked and then click “Configure manually” in the bottom left corner.
10- In the server row remove the “.” from in front of “” – the default will show-up as: – you need to change it to:
11- Change the ports – for the “incoming” select: 993 from the dropdown menu, for the “outgoing” select: 465 from the dropdown menu.
12- The next row should change to SSL/TLS
13- Change the “Authentication” row to: “Normal Password”
14- Click “Done”

You should return to the original screen and you should see your new e-mail account in the left hand side of the Thunderbird window. Your emails and folders should be populating.