Dog Trick Training Musical Freestyle Tampa

Dog Trick Training Musical Freestyle Tampa

“Courteous Canine, Inc.of Tampa Bay is very knowledgeable and FUN. This makes the class more enjoyable and easier to learn.”

— Monika S.



Dog trick training is a fantastic way to bring joy to pet therapy visits. Many tricks can be taught in only a few sessions and will put smiles on many people’s faces for years to come.

We offer group and private instruction for dog trick training and Dog Dancing!


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Fun Trick Training and Trick Titling Class, Level 1

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience Skills
Class Type:  Group.
Term: 7 weeks

trickCome join us for a super fun class and learn some new tricks for pet therapy or just to show off how smart your dog is! This class is limited to a maximum of 8 dogs. Spend the first six weeks learning tricks and the 7th week test for a Trick Training Title! In this tricks class you will learn basic tricks and how to build on them to create more elaborate tricks by luring, shaping, capturing and chaining tricks together, you will learn enough tricks to earn your Novice Trick Dog Title through “Do More With Your Dog”. This class can be repeated to add additional tricks or to create more advanced chains of tricks. Teaching tricks to our dogs mentally stimulates them, builds their confidence and improves our bond with them.

Tricks you will learn how to teach your dog: Spin (clockwise and counter-clockwise), leg weaving, figure eights, paws up, say you’re prayers, shake hands, high five, wave, sit pretty, take a bow, jump though a hoop, touch, soccer/push a ball, shell game, wipe your feet, roll over and crawl!

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Creating Routines and Dog Dancing! Level 2

Prerequisites: Trick Training Level 1
Class Type:  Group.
Term: 6 weeks

This class builds on the tricks taught in Level 1.  Take your trick training to the next level learn to create chains of tricks and at the end of class create a 30 second routine of tricks to music! Whether you want to impress your friends or do pet therapy this class is for you. This class will also introduce you to the sport of musical freestyle which is a form of dog dancing!

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4-Week Dog  Genius: Master Trick Training Level 3

Class Type: Group.
Term: 4 weeks

Uncovering your dog’s genius!

Learn how to master shaping to teach your dog new tricks or refine existing tricks. This class is great for dogs that participate in pet therapy or are interested in dog acting! Learn how to use a target stick at a master level, learn the methods professionals use to get elaborate behaviors and behavior chains. Have fun with your dog while taking your trick training to the next level! Learn how to teach your dog the box game, the hold game, and the perch game.

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