Dog Trick Training, Dog Dancing and Disc Dog Tampa

Trick Dog Training in Tampa Musical Freestyle

Tampa Dog Trick Training, Dog Dancing and Disc Dog

Trick training is a great activity for pet therapy visits, to entertain friends and family and to even warm up your dog for other dog sports! Dog dancing simply consists of tricks strung together to create a routine.

Disc Dog is a sport that makes use of a disc that your dog fetches and can also include a routine of tricks and disc fetching set to music. 

Trick dog trick training is a fantastic way to bring joy to pet therapy visits. Many tricks can be taught in only a few sessions and will put smiles on many people’s faces for years to come.

We offer group and private instruction for both dog trick training and Dog Dancing!

Trick Dog Training in Tampa

Learn to teach your dog posing using our “hamming it up” secrets!

Trick Dog Training in Tampa                 

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7-Week Tricks Level 1 for titling, FUN, mental stimulation, warm-up and make people smile!

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience Skills
Class Type:  Group. limited to 6 dogs.
Term: 7 weeks

Trick Dog Training in TampaCome join us for a super fun class and learn some new tricks for pet therapy or just to show off how smart your dog is! This class is limited to a maximum of 8 dogs. Spend the first six weeks learning tricks and the 7th week test for a Trick Training Title! In this tricks class you will learn basic tricks and how to build on them to create more elaborate tricks by luring, shaping, capturing and chaining tricks together, you will learn enough tricks to earn your Novice Trick Dog Title through the American Kennel Club. This class can be repeated to add additional tricks or to create more advanced chains of tricks. Teaching tricks to our dogs mentally stimulates them, builds their confidence and improves our bond with them.

Tricks you will learn how to teach your dog: Spin (clockwise and counter-clockwise), leg weaving, figure eights, paws up, say you’re prayers, shake hands, high five, wave, sit pretty, take a bow, jump though a hoop, touch, push a car, roll over,crawl and skateboard!

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Intro To Dog Dancing / Freestyle: Create a fun 30-second routine to music!

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience Skills
Class Type: Group
Term: 90-minute Workshop

This 90-minute workshop will cover the basics of how to create a routine and have fun while dancing with your dog! Dog Dancing (or “Canine Freestyle”, as some call it) is a modern dog sport which combines the use of traditional obedience, tricks and dance that allows handlers and their canines to express creativity in their routine featuring music of the handler’s choice. This sport is great fun for both dogs and their handlers! It has developed into forms of competition globally, with perhaps the most popular being the Crufts Dog Show in the United Kingdom. This workshop will focus on teaching your pup how to heel with music, some of the basic tricks used for freestyle dancing, and even some of the more advanced moves used in routines. It will also cover how to build a routine with your dog that flows nicely, and how to pick a song that matches your dog’s pace. Dogs of all ages and levels are welcome to participate in this workshop. You do not need to have any previously trained tricks to participate! This is a one-time workshop that will meet for 90 minutes in our main training room. 

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Creating Routines and Dog Dancing! Level 2

Prerequisites: Trick Training Level 1
Class Type:  Group. Limited to 6 dogs.
Term: 6 weeksTrick Dog Training in Tampa

This class builds on the tricks taught in Level 1.  Take your trick training to the next level learn to create chains of tricks and at the end of class create a 30 second routine of tricks to music! Whether you want to impress your friends or do pet therapy this class is for you. This class will also introduce you to the sport of musical freestyle which is a form of dog dancing!

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4-Week Dog  Genius: Master Trick Training Level 3

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience Skills and previous trick training classes or instruction
Class Type: Group, limited to 6 dogs
Term: 4 weeks

Uncovering your dog’s genius!Trick Dog Training in Tampa

Learn how to master shaping to teach your dog new tricks or refine existing tricks. This class is great for dogs that participate in pet therapy or are interested in dog acting! Learn how to use a target stick at a master level, learn the methods professionals use to get elaborate behaviors and behavior chains. Have fun with your dog while taking your trick training to the next level! Learn how to teach your dog the box game, the hold game, and the perch game.

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4-Week Copy That! – Trick Training

Trick Dog Training in TampaPrerequisites: Basic Obedience Skills
Recommended : Trick Training
Class Type: Group, limited to 6 dogs 
Term: 4 weeks

This brand new group trick training class makes use social learning, to teach your dog to “copy” your behavior, based on the book, Do As I Do by Claudia Fugazza. Learn how to teach your dog to copy your behavior and how to put this on cue using the 4 golden rules of imitation learning. This class will be held indoors in our AC building.


  • improve communication with your dog
  • great rainy day activity
  • increase focus and attention
  • increase your dogs social learning capacity
  • a great trick to share with family, friends or as part of pet therapy

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Disc Dog Group Class or Private Instruction 

Prerequisites: Basic Obedience Skills
Class Type: Group, limited to 6 dogs 
Term: 4 weeks

Join the fun with this four week class that introduces you to the sport of disc dog. Courteous Canine, Inc. is affiliated with UpDogChallenge which is a fast growing disc dog organization that offers titles via the American Kennel Club

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