Dog Training in Tampa

Are you currently looking for the Best Dog Training in Tampa? Then look no further than Courteous Canine, Inc!

Courteous Canine, Inc. is located at 3414 Melissa Country Way in Lutz, Florida! We offer a variety of different classes and private lessons, so we have something fun for each individual dog and owner’s needs! Our policy at Courteous Canine is always no force, just FUN! We want both dogs and their owners to enjoy their experience here at our fully-fenced facility. Attending positive training classes with your dog is a great way to build a bigger and stronger bond with your canine companion and also keep them both happy and healthy. Our professional trainers and staff members believe that positive reinforcement is the most powerful way to influence behavior. Keeping your dog mentally and physically stimulated perhaps is one of the best ways to keep them out of trouble, so that is another great reason to sign up for a class today! When looking for dog training in Tampa, you should definitely consider giving Courteous Canine a try and here’s why!

Dog Training in Tampa

We specialize in aggression and can help you no matter what dog behavior problem you have. Our dog training solutions are humane and scientifically proven effective. We offer group classes for a variety of training goals ranging from house training, to destructive chewing, mouthing and dog sports. We even offer a popular group class for dogs with reactivity which is very popular. We have instructors who specialize in dog dock jumping, disc dog, rally obedience, competition obedience, assistance dog training and of course agility. We also offer pet therapy preparation group classes. Our training fees are reasonable and the number of sessions needed to reach goals are usually few.

Our dog day care is unique in that it provides our dog clients with a small group of known dog friends. This maximizes fun and minimizes stress and potential injury risk. Our boarding is boutique and we work hard to make your dog’s stay enjoyable. We also offer boarding and training which is a very popular service.

Our pet sitting services are completed by Certified Pet Care Technicians who have all completed pet first aid training. All of our staff are background checked and devoted to loving care.

Our trainers at Courteous Canine, Inc. strive to provide clients with the greatest dog training in Tampa.

Dog Training in Tampa

If you are new to dog training, then have no fear! Our experienced and qualified trainers are here to help you with any questions you may have. You may want to first sign up for our AKC Star Puppy Class or Basic Manners class to start out. After your dog graduates, you can take any  of our other classes such as Agility, Lure Coursing, Dock Jumping, and more! For a full list of the classes we offer here at our facility for dog training in Tampa, click on this link!

We also offer doggy daycare services for when you simply cannot be with your furry companion. You can take comfort knowing that our staff is CPR certified and loves all kinds of dogs. Dogs benefit greatly from being able to engage in play while their owners are away. This also helps prevent destructive behaviors and can be beneficial to some dogs that have separation anxiety. In addition to that, we also offer “board and train” services…this is where you leave your dog with our trainers for awhile, and come back to pick up your well-trained pup! For more information on our positive reinforcement based Board and Train program, please click here.

When looking for positive dog training in Tampa, Courteous Canine is paws down the BEST place to go!

Courteous Canine, Inc. is located in Lutz, Florida and is only 2.8 miles away from the Tampa Premium Outlet Mall. We offer not only Dock Jumping Agility Training, but also Basic Dog Training in Tampa. Lure Coursing is also fun and you may want to give that a try with your pup.  well-exercised dog is just one step to a much better behaved dog! Keeping your dog busy with lots of fun classes is another way to help ensure good behavior is more likely to occur. When looking for dog training in Tampa, Courteous Canine is the best of the best!

Dog Training in Tampa