Dog Parkour

Class Type: 4-week course 

Pre-requisite: Basic Manners
Student Max: 6 (inside/outside class)

Class Description: Do you want a way to exercise your energetic 4-legged companion outside of your normal routine? Do you have a shy pup that you’re hoping to bring out of their shell? Dog Parkour or Urban Agility is a fun and creative way to use the objects in your environment to help bond with your pup, build athleticism and grow confidence! Using game-based training and play this 4-week course is designed to get you and your dog up and moving. 

This 4-week course will cover all of the basics of Dog Parkour and will be scaled to the individual pups skill level. This is an indoor and outdoor class so please wear closed-toed shoes that you are able to walk, run and jog in.

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