Separation Anxiety Training Intensive
Separation Anxiety Training Intensive

Dogs Separation Anxiety Training

One-on-one specialized separation anxiety behavior training for dogs

Change your dog’s anxiety to joy with the help of our Separation Anxiety Intensive.

Dog Separation Anxiety Training Intensive

Separation anxiety in dogs is a panic disorder and it requires a customized training approach. Separation Anxiety Training Intensive is a one-on-one specialized dog training service. The initial pre-process evaluation is the only piece that occurs in person, the rest of the training process happens totally remotely. The entire program can be completely remote for clients that are not geographically close to our Tampa dog training center.

Certified Separation Anxiety Trainers (CSAT) are specialized in helping dogs with separation anxiety. The Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer at Courteous Canine is Christy Parker.

To enroll in our intensive separation anxiety program, begin by booking our one-time initial behavior consult to ensure your pup is a match. The cost for the behavior consult is not included in the training package pricing.

The 4-week program and training plan consists of:

  • 1-live coaching session or video review for 30 minutes to 1 hour; 4 times per month
  • Monday – Friday “Missions” daily training tasks, lists, and feedback; 20 total in a month
  • Session recordings
  • Access to trainer on a consistent basis to customize training plan
  • Plans for what to do on the weekends or when you take a mission break at another scheduled time
  • Tech set-up session for clients that need assistance
Frequently Asked Questions about Separation Anxiety in Dogs
What is the length of Behavior Change Plan?

That depends on the length of the dog and the client. Working with separation anxiety is different from regular obedience dog training or other behavior modification programs. The trainer invests considerable time creating specific, individualized plans, reviewing video regularly, giving feedback, and adjusting the written criteria based on reading the dog’s body language and assessing his progress. The parent needs to make a commitment both to the program and to not leaving during dog alone during the behavior change plan. Alternatives to leaving the dog alone are making use of daycare, or neighbors, or family or friends or pet sitters who stay with the dog. 

The only potential additional cost in treating separation anxiety is the purchase of an inexpensive webcam (if you don’t already have one) and a checkup with your veterinarian (if necessary).

How Long Will It Take to Overcome My Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety training is unlike many other types of dog training because it requires treatment of an emotional response, rather than simply teaching a new behavior or trick. Much like a human seeing a counselor for help with a fear or phobia, there’s no way to predict a timeline for a “cure.” Each dog is different (as are owners and their abilities to carry out the training exercises), so progress can start to happen within a few weeks or not for months. While separation anxiety is a highly treatable disorder, the rate of progress is slow, particularly in the early stages. Thankfully, learning begins to accelerate once we’ve made careful initial gains. You can affect the rate of your progress by being consistent and devoting time to the process.

Why Does Remote Training Work?

Unlike many training protocols, separation anxiety doesn’t require the physical presence of the trainer. In fact, the trainer’s presence can actually inhibit progress by changing the normal, everyday circumstances your dog is used to.

The “trainer effect,” as it’s called, often produces false results—dogs seem to be getting better, but only while the trainer is there. Once she leaves, it’s back to anxiety-as-usual.

I Hear Treating Separation Anxiety Involves Using Food, But My Dog Won’t Eat When I’m Gone.

Alone-time anorexia is a common symptom in dogs with separation anxiety. The goal of treatment is to get your dog to a place where he’s comfortable when left alone. It may surprise you to learn that food use is not the cornerstone of working with separation anxiety, if it is used at all. Using food in most types of training is paramount, but it works a little differently with separation anxiety.


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Private Dog Training Pricing and Packages

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Separation Anxiety Training Price
Private separation anxiety training package $1,400
In Home Private Training Session Price
One hour private training in your home $90
Package of 6 one-hour private training sessions in your home $486
Package of 8 one-hour private training sessions in your home** BEST VALUE** $612
On Campus Private Training Sessions Price
One hour for up to 3 household dogs at the campus. The three dogs must be from the same household in order to participate in private training together without generating an extra fee. $65
One hour virtual private training session $65
Package of 6 one-hour private training sessions at the campus $351
Package of 8 one-hour private training sessions at the campus** BEST VALUE** $442
Snake Avoidance Training – Learn how to train your dog to avoid a snake the positive, force-free way and improve your dog’s response in an emergency situation while on leash. $175
One-On-One Dog Sport Training 1 Hour at the campus Price
One hour for up to 3 dogs at the campus $65
Package of 6 one-hour private sports training sessions at the campus $351
Package of 8 one-hour private sports training sessions at the campus** BEST VALUE** $442
Dog Sport Training 1/2 Hour at the campus Price
1/2 hour private sports training session at the campus for up to 2 dogs – restrictions apply $35
Additional Fees Description Price
No Show Fee Applies to all private training and private behavior appointments, of any length, at the campus. Applies when no show with no call to cancel the appointment, or when call to cancel with less than 24 hours notice. $20
Travel Fee May apply to in-home private training or behavior consultations. Based on the geographic location of the assigned trainer. $20
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