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 Courteous CanineWhat Clients Have to Say About Courteous Canine, Inc.




“As a breeder I know that early socialization is of critical importance.  I take my puppies to Courteous Canine, Inc. and I recommend Courteous Canine, Inc.’s group classes whole-heartedly.  The methods used by Courteous Canine, Inc. are up to date and always dog friendly.”

~Debra Johnson

Kinetic Australian Shepherds, Tampa FL



I just wanted to update you about Katara.   She is doing great, and I want to thank you for her new harness, as it has made a world of difference.   She also loves it when I remember to bring her treats on the walk, and she is all too happy to follow my commands to sit, stop, walk, etc. etc.  Now that the weather is a little cooler, we have been exploring the neighborhood, looking for a little dog socialization. She’s very excited to see the other dogs, and has been very friendly.  Yesterday, we were part of a six dog walking pack ( owners & dogs) … and it was just wonderful being a part of that experience !!!  I wish I had my camera, as Katara was down on all fours, surrounded by 3 small dogs, sniffing her all over… and her tail was wagging from side to side!! Thank you for all your help 

~Nadine F. Tampa


 “Every dog I saw training at Courteous Canine looked like it was having a good time! Now that is what I want for my dog, having fun and learning while doing so!”

Judy Peters, who has observed training at Courteous Canine, Inc. on numerous occasions


 “Courteous Canine has been a staple in the lives of our dogs since day one. Over the years, they have helped us with getting our puppies off to a great start and have continued the education of our older dogs as well. We recommend them exclusively to our local clients who’ve added one of our puppies/dogs to their family.”

~Nikole (Nikki) Yahre

Yabig Mastiffs

What Veterinarians Have to Say About Courteous Canine, Inc.

 “Even though my veterinary practice is in South Tampa and Courteous Canine is a bit of a drive for my clients, I recommend Angelica and Courteous Canine to all my clients.  I firmly believe Courteous Canine has the best dog training in all of Tampa.  I have completed puppy kindergarten classes with several dogs, basic agility and the Control Unleashed reactive dog class, as well as had in-home and onsite behavior consultations with my own dogs through Courteous Canine over the past 8 years.  I have also referred hundreds of my clients and their dogs for puppy classes and behavior consultations with Courteous Canine.  I trust Angelica’s experience and judgment on complicated behavior cases and I know all the trainers at Courteous Canine employ only positive reinforcement training methods and are enthusiastic educators.”

~Dr. Shelley Harper, Owner Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic



 “When owners of patients I have seen ask for a referral to a trainer for help, I send them directly to Courteous Canine.  I know my patients will not be damaged by inhumane training techniques and I know the staff pursues continued education to stay at the forefront of the newest findings in dog cognition.”

~Dr. Soraya V Juarbe-Diaz, DVM, DACVB, CAAB

Veterinary Behaviorist


“Having had first-hand experience with Angelica’s methods while attending her Control Unleashed course with my own very fearful and reactive dog, has not only helped me and my pet, but has given me so much insight to help patients and clients with similar issues. Her positive approach to training and tips to avoiding negative triggers puts both dog and owner at ease and sets them up for success. I feel very fortunate to have her as a resource to help my clients that have pets with problem behaviors, as well as anxiety and fear issues.”  

~Melissa Mueller, Hyde Park Veterinary Clinic


“When I needed to train my husband on how to train our newest stray … signed them both  up to take a class!  They both did great!” 

~Terri Readdy, D.V.M.

Country Chase Veterinary, Tampa FL


What Professional Trainers and Behavior Consultants Have to Say About Courteous Canine, Inc.


 “In my opinion Courteous Canine uses only the most positive methods in teaching us the skills needed to communicate & train our dogs & other animals. I highly recommend that you contact them for your training & behavioral needs!”

~Jeanine Brawn, CPDT-KA, PT



 “Angelica Steinker and the staff at Courteous Canine are well versed and extensively experienced with positive reinforcement, motivational methods of dog training. They have the backgrounds, the knowledge and the research to back their training methodology, plus the people skills to get their message across to the public.   Positive reinforcement is undeniably the way to go for long term results. Steinker and crew get those results…”

~Tom Brownlee, ASCT Certified Master Trainer

Canine Logistics






“Angelica is one of my all-time favorite trainers.  Crafty, patient, humane and, most of all, devoted to making training fun for both the humans and the dogs.” 

~Jean Donaldson, Ph.D., World-Renowned Dog Trainer

Author of “Culture Clash”

Academy for Dog Trainers


“Courteous Canine is the only dog behavior and training establishment in the Tampa area that we refer dog clients to. Their love of animals and passion for helping pet owners raise well mannered, happy pets is one of the reasons we at Class Act for Dogs recommend them so highly. They offer a variety of dog classes taught by qualified instructors, and private consultations for all behavioral problems.”

~Marni Fowler of Class Act for Dogs!

Class Act for Dogs

Gainesville, FL


“Angelica Steinker and her company, Courteous Canine, are leaders in the field of modern dog training, using positive methods based in the science of behavior and learning – the only training approach used in the 21st century by qualified professional trainers.”

~Pat Miller, CPDT-KA, CDBC
Peaceable Paws LLC, Fairplay, MD



“Courteous Canine, Inc.’s staff is using scientifically accurate dog training methods that emphasize fun for both the dog and the human.  Especially when working with dogs that are displaying aggressive behaviors, avoiding physical corrections, shouting, hitting and yelling are extremely important. Choke chains, prong collars and shock collars should never be used but are especially damaging when working with aggressive dogs.  Courteous Canine, Inc. will help get results in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes fun. If you are looking for a dog trainer or behavior consultant in the Tampa Bay Area, Courteous Canine, Inc. is it.”

~James O’Heare, CABC, CDBC, PABC

Author of “The Dog Aggression Workbook”, “Aggressive Behavior in Dogs”, “Separation Distress and Dogs” and several other dog training books.



“Courteous Canine’s positive, scientifically accurate training methods are proven to minimize stress and maximize fun, and are the clear choice for caring dog owners.”

~Nicole Wilde, CPDT-KA

Author “Help for Your Fearful Dog”


 “Courteous Canine is the only dog behavior and training establishment in the Tampa area that I refer dog clients to. Their love of animals and passion for helping pet owners raise well mannered, happy pets is one of the reasons we at Class Act for Dogs recommend them so highly. They offer a variety of dog classes all taught by qualified instructors and private consultations for all behavioral problems.”

~Dee ZurBurg, Head Trainer

Class Act for Dogs

Gainesville, FL