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90 Minute Mini Fast Cat Lure Coursing

Instructor: Christy Parker

Class registration is for one dog.

Lure Coursing is a fun dog sport during which your dog chases a lure which is pulled by a motor. Dogs that enjoy chasing, love this game!

We have changed how we are doing lure coursing! We are no longer offering an oval course, instead we now offer a FAST CAT type of course! This lure course is what is used by the American Kennel Club (AKC). Our Fast Cat Course is slightly shorter than the 300 feet required by AKC, as a result we are calling it a Mini course. Dogs will chase the lure in a straight line instead of around an oval. This class is open to all types and breeds of dogs. We strongly recommend front end attachment harnesses and even double leashes for high drive dogs.

We recommend that you have your dog checked by a vet and cleared for lure coursing as it is a high speed activity. Read complete safety notice. If your dog has a history of overheating, lure coursing is **not** for your dog.

This group class is limited to 6 dogs and handlers. We look forward to having you!

If you want to bring multiple dogs, each dog must be separately registered and paid for.

Be sure your dog's core vaccines are up to date, or you have up to date titers. We also require rabies for dogs over six months and bordetella. We also require the H3N2 canine flu vaccine.

Price: $35.00

Start Time: 10:30 AM

End Time: 12:00 PM

Date: Saturday, March 19, 2022

Lutz Main Campus
3414 Melissa Country Way
Lutz, FL
33559Map and Directions

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