Rat-Free Bucket Hunt Tampa

NEW and IMPROVED! Rat-Free Bucket Hunt

We have improved our bucket hunt program with the help of client feedback to make it more fun for all. Some clients voiced concerns about the use of live rats in our original barn hunt classes. We are proud to announce that we are now offering “Rat-Free Bucket Hunt”. This means that not only have we replaced the straw bales with 100 5-gallon sized buckets which enables our instructors to provide your dog with significantly more hiding places, we have also made the additional improvement of going rat-free. Rats have been replaced with food-stuffable animal fur toys. Because of this improvement we are now able to offer each student a food stuffable rat to use during class time! This means more practice time and fun for your dog! We are using barrels for the tunnel part of bucket hunt and we have a custom made dog play ground ramp for climbing. Plus we have regular bucket hunt ramps for dogs to get accustomed too. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly favorable!

Come join the fun of Rat-Free Bucket Hunt, sign up today.


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Come join the fun of Rat-Free Bucket Hunt, sign up today.