AKC Trick Titles

Are you interested in trying AKC Trick Titles in Tampa with your best friend?

Tricks are not only a great way to help your dog boost their confidence, but they are also an extremely fun and rewarding way to help build a stronger bond with your canine companion. Additionally, learning new tricks and behaviors are an excellent way of keeping your best friend’s mind stimulated. The AKC Trick Titles program allows owners and their dogs everywhere to participate by challenging their own abilities by completing various different tricks in order to obtain a title.

AKC Trick Titles

How does the AKC Trick Titles program work?

There are a total of five trick titles altogether that you can earn with your pup.  These titles are Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Performer, and finally, Elite Performer! It is necessary to start at the Novice level before you can advance and perform more advanced tricks with your dog. However, working towards this goal is just another part of what makes it so much fun!

AKC Trick Titles

What is the AKC Trick Titles Program?

You may be wondering “how do I get started in the AKC Trick Titles program?” That is an excellent question to have! You will need to start by first registering your dog with the American Kennel Club and obtaining a number (if they are not already registered). Secondly, you will need to find a certified evaluator who will be able to administer the test. Then, it’s time to start titling!

The first title that you will obtain with your furry best friend in the AKC Trick Titles program is AKC Novice Trick Dog. In order to obtain this title, your dog must first perform ten tricks or “skills” from the list. However, if your dog has already earned his or her CGC title they may perform only five tricks from the list in order to pass. The next title you can earn with your dog would be the AKC Intermediate Trick Title. In addition to having the Novice title, your dog must be able to perform ten Intermediate tricks from the list. Thirdly, there is the Advanced trick title, Your dog must be able to perform ten of the advanced tricks listed, and so on

AKC Trick Titling

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Courteous Canine, Inc. in Lutz also is happy to say that we offer group trick training classes right here at our campus. Attending these classes may help you and your dog achieve your goal of earning trick titles and likewise build a bigger and better bond with your dog. To learn more about how to get involved in the AKC Trick Titles program and how it works, just click this link.

Tricks are a fun endeavor and a great way to challenge your dog and yourself to start thinking outside of the box and typical training “norms”. We here at Courteous Canine wish you all the best on your journey with the AKC Trick Titles program.

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