Pet Therapy in Tampa

Pet Therapy FloridaCourteous Canine, Inc. offers referral for pet therapy and sporadic Pet Therapy Testing.  For information, please contact

We also offers Pet Therapy Prep classes that instruct you with your dog present on how to be a successful dog and owner pet therapy team.  To sign up for this class please visit click here.

If you need a prep classes to prepare your dog for a Pet Therapy Test, please visit our Canine Good Citizen and Pet Therapy Prep class page. We offer fun and educational pet therapy prep classes at both our main Lutz location!

Pet Therapy TampaCourteous Canine, Inc. also hosts FREE meetups to provide pet therapy enthusiasts with info about testing, animal suitability, trick training and much more.  Please join our meetup and join the fun!

 If you would like to be informed about upcoming volunteer opportunities here in Tampa and North Tampa, such as Pet Therapy Testing and much more please join our Facebook group:

Happy Pet Therapy visits! The Staff of Courteous Canine, Inc.