Dog Walking

Fetch Your Dog Walker or Schedule a Dog Romp Service

pricing7No doubt about it, every dog needs daily exercise. But if you’re just too busy then fetch a Professional Dog Walker.

Whether it’s your older pet that needs gentle exercise or a more rambunctious pup that craves a care-free, energetic off-leash romp at the dog park, our dog walking and pet care services can be personalized to meet the needs of your pet.

Daily exercise is proven to reduce problem behaviors and anxiety, improve your dog’s mental functions and contribute to a long, healthy and happy life for your dog.

If you:

  • Have trouble scheduling your dog’s walks in your busy schedule
  • Are worried that your work schedule interferes with your dog’s exercise needs
  • Are concerned your dog is not getting enough regular exercise
  • Have a puppy or older dog that needs more frequent outings or exercise

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With our dog walking and dog romp services you’re never torn between the demands of your busy life and the needs of your dogs. Your local professional DogSmith offers a variety of dog walking and dog exercise programs that can be personalized specifically for your lifestyle. DogSmiths are socially responsible, insured, bonded and certified pet care providers.

Choose From

The DogSmith Dog Romp

While you are at work we walk and exercise your dog. For the safety of your pet, and to ensure it gets the attention it deserves, we limit the number of dogs walked at one time to two. Dog walking can also be offered as an additional service as part of a DogSmith ‘In-home’ pet care visit. The DogSmith Dog Romp is available in single, 30 minute visits or packaged by the week, month or for six months. Pre-paid packages are discounted to make it more affordable for you and healthier for your pet.

Dog Romp ‘Off leash’ Dog Park Romps

If you have a dog that loves the dog park then speak to your local DogSmith about our 60 minute Dog Park Romps at a local, fully fenced dog park. The DogSmith Dog Park Romp can also be purchased in weekly, monthly or six month pre-paid packages.

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